Middle School Arts

For students who are serious about performance art or want to discover new talents, UAFA is the place where young stars soar. Our program has produced several scholars who have signed talent contracts and booked commercials, movie roles, and television appearances. We are a pathway for children who really desire to get into the industry.


We are UNIQUE. We are UTOPIAN.

  • Theater & Media Arts

    Our Theater & Media Arts programs focus on television and film. We offer courses that teach the technical aspects of acting, directing, camera work, editing, and lighting. Our scholars receive hands-on experience with technology and equipment used in the entertainment industry.

  • Dance

    The UAFA Dance Department also hones the talent of beginners and transforms them into dance champions. UAFA Middle is the home of national championship-winning Eagle Squad, a team that competes at a high level.

  • Music

    Our music program features piano, chorus, and musical instruments to engage those who desire to work as singer/songwriters and composers. Our students explore various types of music through singing, playing instruments, coding, and participating in group projects at basic and advanced levels.

  • Culinary

    Our Culinary Arts Program teaches scholars the fundamentals of food preparation, the science and math of menu planning and food preservation, as well as business concepts of the hospitality industry.

  • Computer Coding & Animation

    At Utopian Academy for the Arts, we are dedicated to creating scholar artists who have industry skills. In August 2021, UAFA Middle will elevate its computer coding program, taking it from a class to a new arts discipline. The computer division will also add 2-D animation to its offerings. Scholars will not only learn how to build websites and apps, they will also learn to create animation for games, and eventually, for film and television. The new class will be a place where scholars can be free to create as they study animation and learn more about careers in the field. It is a next-level dive into technology. More exciting technology classes will be offered to expand the knowledge base and industry-related skills of our scholars.


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