Elementary Academics


Utopian Academy for the Arts Elementary School is a premier performing arts school in Clayton County, GA. Our school has entertainment industry partnerships and a rich curriculum that supports the growth and development of the whole child as an artist, a leader, and a life-long learner. In fact, we refer to our students as scholars, and have high expectations for their behavior and progress in the classroom. Industry partnerships include the Alliance Theatre, the Atlanta Ballet, Atlanta Music Project, KidNation, and Trilith Studios. 


Children of all learning abilities are welcome to enroll in UAFA Elementary. Our school does not require auditions or admission tests to attend. We like to keep our class sizes small enough to allow our teachers to give each scholar the special attention that they need to succeed. 


UAFA classrooms are dynamic and engaging, whether lessons are taught in-person or online. Our child-centered school offers research-based instruction with experiential learning opportunities that allow our scholars to participate in hands-on activities designed to help them understand academic concepts. Often, our children use their creativity as artists and critical thinkers to demonstrate mastery. 


Core academic subjects at UAFA Elementary are taught in single-gender classes. We find that this approach limits distractions and gives our scholars the “safe space that they need to ask questions, focus on learning, build their self-confidence, and achieve academically. Our physical education, dance/movement and art classes, however, allow our scholars to interact in a traditional atmosphere with both boys and girls. 



 At UAFA Elementary, wtest our students during the first week of school and throughout the academic year to develop current academic profiles that document their academic knowledge and skills: 

  • This data allows us to provide individualized remediation, both through online platforms and through direct instruction, for those who need support in some academic areas.  


  • Routine testing also allows us to provide more challenging assignments for those who are grasping concepts quickly.  



We share all test results with our parent partners, a key part of the academic team. It is with the help of our parent partners working in collaboration with our teachers and our scholars, that UAFA will become Clayton County’s top-performing elementary school. 


Exceptional Scholars 

 UAFA offers individualized attention, academic support, supplemental services, and assistive equipment to exceptional scholars in accordance with the federal guidelines under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.)