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Utopian Academy for the Arts Middle School offers a proven pipeline to competitive magnet high schools, private high schools, top colleges, and arts careers. We are not afraid to work out- of-the-box to develop the talents of our scholars. Our engaging environment inspires our young creatives to excel onstage and in the classroom. Children of all learning abilities are welcome to enroll in our middle school.

Our program does not require auditions or admission tests to attend. We like to keep our class sizes small enough to allow our teachers to give each scholar the special attention that they need to succeed. Industry partnerships include the Atlanta Music Project, Clayton State University, the Ludacris Foundation, the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Georgia Film Academy, Trilith Studios, and UNCF. 

 Our motto at UAFA is: We are Unique. We are Utopian. Our unique relationships with A-list Hollywood actors, directors, and Grammy-Award-winning musicians are what makes Utopian Academy unlike any other Georgia public school. Our scholars are exposed to giants in the entertainment industry who take time to teach master classes both online and in-person. The insight that they share with our scholars helps them to improve their skills as young creatives.

Our instructional methods are based on research. Our core classes are taught in a single-gender environment that provides our scholars with an academic safe zone in which to grow and develop as creative thinkers. We find that it builds their confidence, reduces disciplinary issues, and fosters academic achievement. A single-gender environment also supports teamwork and creates opportunities for our scholars to be leaders. We know that these skills are critical components to student development.

Our core classes also foster artistic expression. Students can share their academic knowledge and skills in a subject by writing research papers, poems, or short films, and performing creative dances or monologues that explain a concept or highlight a period in history.

UAFA Middle also has Youth Entrepreneurship programs that teach our scholars how to develop and market their own businesses, from the idea stage to the product launch. We even sponsor a marketplace that allows our scholars to sell their products. For young entrepreneurs like the Button Boys and our female-led enterprises selling Bling Bands and Drip Lips gloss, UAFA’s entrepreneurship programs provide a meaningful introduction to business careers.



When you enroll at UAFA Middle, our academic engagement and support for your child begins soon after. During the summer months, and throughout the school year, we use online tools, games, and assessments to provide benchmark data for our new scholars. The data allows us to create a differentiated approach for each scholar that helps us to better serve them during the academic year. Routine testing also allows us to provide intervention for scholars who need

extra help and more challenging assignments for those who are grasping concepts quickly. We also offer advanced classes for high achievers.

It is our expectation that scholars will advance at least 1.5 years during the school year, whether they begin on grade level, slightly below grade level, or are already accelerated.

We share all test results with our parent partners, who are considered as a key part of the academic team at UAFA Middle. It is with the help of our parent partners working in collaboration with our teachers and our scholars, that UAFA will become Georgia’s top-performing middle school.


Exceptional Students

UAFA Middle offers individualized attention, academic support, supplemental services, and assistive equipment to exceptional scholars in accordance with the federal guidelines under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).