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Extracurriculars for Creatives

UAFA Middle School wants its students to also find enjoyment outside of the classroom. We realize that sports are an important outlet that offers friendly competition and social interaction. Our scholar athletes can choose between flag football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading and dance or hone their acting, singing, set design, and project management skills as a member of a school musical.


Dance: The tournament-winning Eagles Dance Squad holds auditions annually. Students can also participate in a dance team that performs during athletic events.

Team Sports and Cheerleading: UAFA Middle has competitive sports teams for boys and girls. The Eagles play local public charter schools and private schools in basketball, soccer, and flag football. Our Eagles Cheerleaders tumble, dance, jump and chant to entertain the crowed and build team spirit at basketball and football games.

School Musical: UAFA Middle’s scholar artists can audition and participate in musicals and special performances, as well as work behind the scenes.